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Welcome! I'm a journalist based in Toronto, Ontario, finishing my degree in journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have experience in radio, print/digital and running a social media presence for a news outlet.

Find below a range of journalistic works I've produced, covering everything from a new software helping researchers study social media, to the closing of a local fire college near my hometown.

Kerr Hall Security Audit Will Not Be Made Public - On The Record

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Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) will not share the findings of the safety audit conducted in Kerr Hall out of respect for the privacy of those consulted, according to president Mohamed Lachemi.

According to an emailed statement from the university, the months-long safety audit began late last March, after a community member was sexually assaulted in Kerr Hall. Another sexual assault in Kerr Hall occurred a few months ago, in October.

“The audit includes informa

Singled out: Trans students say they feel unsafe in the classroom

At the hands of their teachers, trans students at TMU say they experience transphobia in many forms

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains mentions of transphobia

t was a stuffy June morning when Francis May* entered their psychology class for the first and last time. They entered the classroom and slipped into a desk in the back row. May signed up for the course in one of their first couple of years at the school and took it in the summer to ease up their course load during the fall and winte

Young Indigenous changemakers in Rama learning to lead

The first protest Krystal Brooks ever attended was one she organized herself.

Brooks harnessed the power of Facebook to advertise a round dance at Barrie's Georgian Mall. The aim was to bring awareness to injustices of all kinds that Indigenous people living in Canada continue to face.

“Bring your hand drums, regalia, ribbon skirts, posters and your [N]ative pride,” read the event description.

And they did. Thirty or so participants gathered around the mall’s tall brick fireplace. Many tied p

Toronto City Council Votes Against Opening Warming Centres Around the Clock - On The Record

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Toronto city councillors voted Wednesday to reject the Board of Health’s recommendation to open warming centres 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In January, the Board of Health passed a motion urging city council to provide around the clock access to warming centres for people living on the street.

“We’re spending beyond our ability to fight a condition that exists in this city,” said Coun. Michael Thompson, who introduced amendments rejecting the call for the

Board gaming and the gendered division of leisure

Studies show that women don’t have as much leisure time as men. But board game researcher Tanya Pobuda found a deeper pattern in their doctoral dissertation. In interviews with board game enthusiasts, women reported they had not only less time, but lacked the mental energy at the end of the day to play these games. We’ll hear from Pobuda about the importance of board games, their findings and how the industry is starting to make innovative games that work better with people’s busy schedules. Plu

Some Toronto Restaurateurs Still Unhappy with CafeTO Changes - On The Record

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While the city has adopted a more moderate CafeTO fee schedule, some restaurateurs say the new rules and costs associated with CafeTO are all but forcing them to leave the program.

Born out of the pandemic and aimed at helping the restaurant and bar industry, CafeTO has run at no cost to restaurant owners since its creation in 2020.

“It’s a move in the right direction, but it doesn’t change much,” says Chris Rampen of the scaled-back fee structure. Rampen owns N

Gains made by Simcoe North Greens 'pretty incredible': Brooks

Despite finishing in fourth place in the Tory stronghold of Simcoe North, Green party candidate Krystal Brooks said Thursday night she felt good about her first provincial election run.

Brooks, her team and a few family members watched the results roll in at Tiffany Restaurant in Coldwater, choosing to focus on the Green party’s small victories across the province.

“I pulled double what I did in the federal election, which is pretty incredible,” said Brooks, referencing her candidacy with the

Protestors Say 50% of Police Budget Should go to Community Support Instead - On The Record

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Demonstrators gathered on Tuesday outside Toronto city hall, where a city budget committee meeting was in session, to protest the city’s plan to increase the Toronto Police Service’s (TPS) budget by nearly $50 million.

This was in response to Mayor John Tory’s Jan. 3 announcement of plans to increase the police budget by $48.3 million in an effort to stop violent crime. According to the city’s 2023 budget presentation, the money would be used to add 200 more u

Terriers superfan ignites joy in hockey community (6 photos)

When 11-year-old Max Weaver is in the arena's stands, there’s no debate over who owns the title of No. 1 fan. Whether he’s coaching from the stands or waiting off-ice to give high-fives, everyone who knows Max says he brings an infectious enthusiasm to the rink.

Max’s older brother, Sam Weaver, says he can hear Max’s shouts of “Go! Go!” and “Get them!” all the way on the ice.

“It gives me confidence,” says Sam.

Since Sam started playing hockey about seven years ago, Max has attended games wit

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